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Kashalikars in Sindhudurga are Pioniers in many business like Pharmaceuticals, Civil engineering, Automobile engineering, Cycling, Social services and many more. We are involved in other business like, hospitality, medical field, Photography, Teaching Etc.
Since 1930 Shri. Janardan Shastri Kashalikar started Aryan Pharmaceuticals, here he discovered different medicines and produced them. He had his own dispensary.
His Son Mr. Narayan Janardan Kashalikar, B.E Civil, Started his construction business in 1978 as well as they started Bharadwaj Pharmaceuticals.Since then he has undertaken many different projects like Residential, Industrial, Commercial sector under the firm Kashalikar Engineers & Builders. As per the requirement in construction industry in Sindhudurg, Kashalikars entered into various business like Bhakti Tile......
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Services We Offer


K.E.B is a brokerage firm that provides a range of financial services in addition to allowing you to buy and sell properties. This firm can provide customers with financial planning services as well as consulting services.


We are currently working in Real Estate Management service and selling properties.


From 1977 to 2019, We have experience of more than 42 years in construction and property development. Under this firm, we have done many projects and completed them successfully.

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Why Choose Us

We are serving in this industry since three generations and have ample of experience in this field. K.E.B Builders has more than 42 years of experience in the field as a building contractor in Sindhudurg,Maharashtra K.E.B Builders has had experience with just about everything.

At Kashalikar Engineers and Builders, we provide or offering a Various range of services at one location. Services like Civil/ Architectural services, Civil contractors, promoters and developers, Fabrication unit, Plot selling etc. are available under one roof.

Quality and design with the customer in mind. We pride ourselves on using the best — the best materials, the best building techniques and the best people. This simply provides the owners with the greatest return on their investment.

K.E.B Builders has legacy of trust and commitment over the decades being such an versatile firm. Its important to build trust with the customers and provide them good service.


Laxminarayan Nagar

Kashalikar Engineers & Builders, Malgaon, Sawantwadi
  • Area: 300+ Sqm per plotm2

Laxminarayan Nagar

Kashalikar Engineers & Builders, Malgaon, Sawantwadi
  • Area: Plot area 300+ Sq.Mt. per plot.m2

Laxminarayan Nagar

Kashalikar Engineers & Builders, Malgaon, Sawantwadi
  • Area: 300+ Sqm per plotm2
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